Avalon Umbrella Stroller

The Avalon umbrella stroller has a lightweight frame and lockable swivel wheels. It comes with an easy to use umbrella that can be attached to the handle. The 3 point harness helps keep the baby safe. It is suitable for children from 6 months old. Price is about $65.

The Avalon Twin Lunar Stroller costs about $200. It features independent three position reclining seats.

Other features include:
1. Lockable swivel wheels
2. Two removable canopies
3. Five point harness to keep the baby safe

Lightweight strollers are convenient for short walks and for travel. They can be stored in a car trunk or in an airplane overhead compartment. They are low priced and therefore can be bought in addition to a standard stroller. Lightweight models are recommended for children who are at least 6 months old.

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